3 Worthy of Note Moments in Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp 2018

Jack Ma was sharing his viewpoint of future education in World Economic Forum 2018 Davos 2 days ago, stressing highly the need of re-envisioning education, from its format, skills focus, efficiency, ideology to thinking. With the drastic change in economic landscape, the industries are no longer the way our parents see, the jobs are no longer the ones our parents used to take. Future generation and us are taking another level of the game, now and in soon time.

Meanwhile, in another side of the globe, Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has just smoothly been accomplished, with 80 delegates from 20 countries. The bootcamp visions a rapid touch of every delegate’s heart to turn on their entrepreneurship, spot the market they can smell best, and unlock a resourceful global network of friendship and mentorship.

More than that, there are something more than a bootcamp, as a part of the mentorship/speaker team, there are 3 worthy of note moments that click my, if not everyone’s, heart, to re-envision education, youth and future.

Moment 1: Closer mentorship and long term cross-cultural friendship

The bootcamp provides a group energetic mentors and speakers for delegates to learn from, a wide spectrum of industry background, entrepreneurship experience and mindset. Mentorship with friendship has been playing a crucial part in the bootcamp to stir up the atmosphere of learning, brainstorming and respect. These are the hypes where innovations begin.

We have set ourselves as the people the delegates can look up to. While mentors have also learnt largely from the delegates, ideas from generation X, the energy of the 00s and 90s. It reminds us as seniors where we came from and why we started at the beginning.

The bootcamp is short, but the mood and interaction overall have successfully built an intimate bridge and friendship among the generations.


Moment 2: Cognitive skills, Effective innovation and Angel investing


The bootcamp has set well learning mood and environment for the global youth to learn, and they constantly seek for inspiration and aspiration. World Economic Forum has campaigned a list of future skills for workforce by 2020 that the bootcamp is echoing, including:

  1. Cognitive flexibility ( ability to adapt the cognitive processing strategies to face new and unexpected conditions in the environment)
  2. Complex problem solving
  3. Coordinating with others

Teams are challenged to recognise the proof of their market, devise pragmatic strategies for teamwork and building quick tractions and massively process information to produce possible solutions to the market.

Experience in bootcamp has definitely sowed a critical seed in all hearts and minds for their future eureka moment. As the human development moves, perspectives on investing would be moving aligned. Investment would be more focusing on talents, skills and thinking.

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Moment 3: Millennials and Generation X, Time to Unlock Synergy


The bootcamp comprises of youth from Asia, Africa and South America, with a young age range to 14 years old. Yet, a very worthwhile learning for millennial seniors is such interaction and communications beyond age. Generation X has reached a certain common experience and languages due to the Internet and global entrepreneurship movement.

It encourages a straight chat among the millennials and the generation X. It comes to a moment that generation X starts gearing up to be our new future. While it is the time that millennials, especially the capable ones, shall bear certain roles in working together, inspiring each other and paving a more aspiring future. Never leave any generation behind even when we have reached certain success ourselves.

There are pieces more to comment. Yet, here one last very impressive point is the popular idea of gap year of the generation X in Nepal. Part of the organizing team is from high school in Nepal and they take their guts to organize startup events overseas and learn. While the champion team, Guliyo, from Nepal is also considering gap year soon for starting up their idea.

Youth does not guarantee innovation and success, but the spirit and moments in Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp has indeed reminded, and sparkled thoughts. Never forget where we come from. We were once young with nothing. We took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.



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