A Social Venture That Bridges Teaching and Learning to Industry and Market Across Emerging Markets

Vast Network of Professors and Teaching Staff from Emerging Markets

Network of teaching pioneers who are nurturing the next generation of teaching methodologies, and actively looking for partnership.

Foster Collaboration of Experiential Learning Programs Globally

Wide information, advisory and consultancy for project structuring and financing, facilitating and accelerating success of global learning.

Accurate Match of Education Resources with Development Funds

Professional services to ensure accurate match and vetting of resources for education industry with development funds in the market and public.

3 Pillars Of Impact and Deliveries That Lead To A High Quality And Influence of Teaching And Learning In The Region

Funding of Reputation for Stronger Global Teaching Partnership

Closer department partnership through experiential learning programs among universities lead to stronger capacity with well-known funds.

Stronger Linkage of Academia and Industry for Future Workforce

Well-partnered experiential learning programs lead to closer academia-industry linkage, and hence higher economic impact with influence.

Higher Influence Of University Teaching and Position In The Globe

Experiential Learning Program connects to more reputable universities and partners, hence higher ranks and influence in teaching quality.

The Universities Taking Our Support